The only available technology that can affordably ensure 200% of our power needs are kept in reserve, that is safe enough to weather unexpected natural disasters, is the Molten Salt Reactor (MSR) and its potential offspring, the Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor (LFTR). Because MSR’s can be built smaller, they can be better distributed, speeding grid recovery. The safety means you don’t have to abandon cities even if the building is severely damaged. Because MSRs are tiny and quick to build, they can be stationed appropriately before or even during an emergency response.

The lobbyists for old industry have limited the debate to old established technology. The industry of the future has no lobbyists.  No one knows which companies would dominate a new industry where patents have not been litigated.  Accountants fear to tread the uncertain road we need to follow to reach security and prosperity.

With cheap energy, humanity and Earth will prosper together. Recycling is already perfect. In the future landfills will be dug up and what was once seen as waste will be recycled into other products or energy. Water will be pure because it will be filtered, treated, and desalinated in ways we can’t afford today. Cheaper energy will make chemical carbon sequestration affordable. Air will be cleaner and more pure because buildings will have High-efficiency particulate arrestance (HEPA) filters and coal and diesel power will be gone because they will be too expensive. Without coal, the 7 million annual deaths associated with coal power plants won’t exist, and there will be plenty of room for 11 billion people to live middle class lives AND create more room for national parks.

We need to build our power systems to be resilient in the face of massive natural disasters. That means having 200% of the everyday capacity for the moment when half of it is destroyed. That means having the ability to rapidly rebuild and redeploy in the wake of a natural disaster that has damaged industrial capacity and transportation and the stability of society. America will be tested by more Katrina like events and we should never treat our people like that again.

Demand what we need- Prosperity and Physical Security- and we will get it. What we have today is not sustainable- which means it is inevitably GOING AWAY.  Do not plan for a future that is inferior to the present. Failing to plan is planning for failure.

Demand Cheaper and Safer Energy Now, for Prosperity and Health.

Demand Serious Attention to Affordable and Effective Disaster Recovery.  

For more information on MSR, thorium, and other next generation reactors, check out the Thorium Energy Alliance.