Cheap, efficient and clean energy is fundamental to improving our lives and those we share our planet with.

Our lifestyles are powered by energy. The Industrial Revolution was driven by fossil fuels.  In the Anthropocene, we have the means to significantly reduce our carbon footprint and enable our modern lifestyles. Why not realize a prosperous world that is attainable with clean and cheap energy?

Getting to “one-cent” energy requires us to explore new technologies.  It requires years of research, trials and people who are willing to take on the hardware, software and material engineering challenges to:

  • Storage with higher energy density

  • Smarter and resilient energy distribution architecture

  • Create new cleaner power sources

  • Create new financial markets to encourage a carbonless economy

Our goal is to explore these areas to bring the cost of power down to one cent per kilowatt hour. Cheap energy will lead to products being one-fifth their current cost and reduce transportation to at least one-third its current cost.

New Power Sources

To drive prosperity for all, we need new energy sources and new technologies to drive efficiency:

  • Advanced nuclear generation
  • Biomass & waste recovery
  • Geothermal
  • Small hydro-electric
  • Solar
  • Wind

Smart Grid

Enhancing renewable integration and power reliability through:

  • Micro-inverters & power conditioners
  • Software managed demand response
  • Automated power flow control
  • High-voltage direct current tranmission


Innovations in utility and commercial scale energy storage will make renewables dispatchable by overcoming their intermittency and variability.

  • Material engineering
  • New chemistries
  • Software management systems
  • Flow batteries
  • Manufacturability

For humanity to thrive in the Anthropocene, we must invest in driving the science – now.  Which technologies?  An smarter approach is needed.  To enable a carbon-less future we need to leverage all appropriate technologies at our disposal, as well as create new ones.

Success means transitioning to a low carbon energy system while stimulating the economy.  Success means increasing production efficiency so we can protect the middle class and lift people out of poverty.  Success means protecting the world’s biodiversity. Success means solving climate and energy with an engineering safely margin.

That’s a tall order, but together we can do great things quickly.