Anthropocene Institute’s maps offer a helpful resource for fishermen and mariners to enhance situational awareness of regulations and conservation measures for long-term marine management.

Anthropocene Institute has a public/private partnership with the NOAA Marine Protected Area Center, that ensures that the most comprehensive and accessible MPA data is available for marine resource managers and the general public.  Half of the data in our maps was provided by Federal and State agencies; and another half was derived from laws. The contribution is depicted in this chart

Anthropocene Institute also has a partnership with Navionics to make these maps available for boaters in the water via Navionics extensive family of electronic charting projects.

If you have marine managed areas that you would like included in the Anthropocene Institute’s MPA mapping project or would like to distribute AI data, please click here for more detailed information or contact

Available datasets include:

Data Download Interactive Web Map Last Revision Status
California CA Download California Map 05-01-2017 Released
Florida FL Download Florida Map 05-01-2017 Released
Hawaii HI Download Hawaii Map 05-01-2017 Released
Oregon OR Download Oregon Map 05-01-2017 Released
Washington WA Download Washington Map 05-01-2017 Released
Alaska AK Download Alaska Map 05-01-2017 In Review
U.S. Gulf of Mexico (AL, MS, LS, TX) Gulf Download Gulf of Mexico Map 05-01-2017 Released
U.S. South Atlantic (GA, SC, NC) SAtl Download South Atlantic Map 05-01-2017 Released
U.S. Mid-Atlantic (VA, MD, DE, NJ, NY) MAtl Download Mid-Atlantic Map 05-01-2017 In Review
U.S. North Atlantic (CT, RI, MA, NH, ME) NAtl Download North Atlantic Map 05-01-2017 In Review
U.S. Great Lakes GL Download Great Lakes Map 05-01-2017 In Review
U.S. Caribbean Territories (Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands) Caribbean Download Caribbean Map 05-01-2017 In Review
Pacific Islands PI Download Pacific Islands Map 05-01-2017 In Review
-> Palau Palau Map 05-01-2017 In Review
-> Micronesia Micronesia Map 05-01-2017 In Development
-> Indonesia Indonesia Map 05-01-2017 In Development
-> U.S. Territories Pacific Islands Map 05-01-2017 Released

To provide feedback on our MPA data, please contact
When providing feedback on specific MPA’s, please include the MPA ID in your comments (the MPA ID is located at the bottom of the MPA details in the map views).